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Stone Crushing, Picking & Raking

In 2017 we added to our growing list of options for customers for reclaiming and maintaining their properties. Once again we were the first company in North America to import a revolutionary machine for handling stones. Stonecrushing was the mainstay for our company for almost 10 years running, however the stonecrusher was not the answer to everybody's rock and stone issues. The decision was made to have another machine for handling stones and the ELHO Scorpio 550 was the answer. The Scorpio dominates this market with the features that it offers over the competition.


In addition to the stonepicker we also include the use of a 15 tonne Herbst dumpwagon which we pull to each and every jobsite if it is required. The dumpwagon is a high dumping construction style trailer which can handle large loads and large tractors, however it is also well suited for smaller tractors. The wagon is fitted with large radial tires on a tandem axle to minimize soil compaction.

Benefits of picking:

  • AII unwanted material is removed from the site
  • Excellent option for vegetable or sod growers that cannot have any stone debris
  • The stones that are picked can be stockpiled over time so that in the future they can be put through a¬†construction stone crusher or stone jaw to be used as a reusable future product.
  • Stones can be used for building bases of farm laneways, yards or muck and water crossings.


In 2008 we started M&M Family Acres Inc. This was also the first time that a PTH Stonecrusher was brought to North America for the purpose of field stone crushing. Our stonecrushing began at our own farm level to deal with stones on our own farm properties. We were looking for a quick and simple way to remove stones. In the fall of 2008 the word had spread of this machine that ground up stones without removing them from the property, this was the time that we decided to start taking customers and serving them with this service which was new to all of North America. Since 2008 we have added additions to the machine and we have updated the machines to better serve the customers and the conditions we encounter. Starting from our roots in the agricultural community we have expanded into many residential, commercial and industrial projects with the machine.

In 2017 we had updated the PTH Stonecrusher to the largest machine that the company builds to be more efficient. In addition to the new stonecrusher we also upgraded the tractor to a brand new Fendt capable of better handling the machine. In the hopes of standing out in the crowd and better yet trying to be more efficient a custom built 28' front mount rock rake was also added to this combination of equipment to once again gain efficiency. To date there is no machine like ours that does what we can do that is available locally.

Stone crushing is a simple concept; instead of picking stones we crush them and incorporate the fines into the soil. Depending on the type and the amount of stone, the crushed material is very minimal and sometimes nothing is left behind. Typical crushing operations will have 0.5 - 2 inch material mixed into the soil.

Benefits of stone crushing:

  • Quick one man operation that does not stop other than to repair or service, on average it is normal to cover 6-10 acres per hour(certain conditions)
  • Cost effective because this operation is quick and operated all with one man and one pass the cost per acre is very acceptable. Some operations have been as low as $80/acre. (certain conditions). Also when considering your price remember "this is not a once per year investment'', this cost can get divided over a number of years following.
  • No stones to haul. No stones to stockpile or move at a later date. No dumpwagons or travelling to haul stones to locations which saves time, money and soil compaction.
  • The stonecrusher is also suitable for many tough conditions. Fields that have large amounts of sods or trash such as corn stover or straw are no problem. Sticks fence posts or rails are ground up. Moist soils can also be done without concern if required.
  • Certain stones contain elements of minerals and nutrients that may be released when crushed, helping with the aid of crop production and soil structure.