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M&M Family Acres is a company in which we not only farm but we also specialize in land clearing of all types. We run specialized mulchers for whole tree, stump and root removal. We can crush field stone and mix it into the soil for a quick cost saving measure over picking stones. We were the first to do this here in North America. We do run rock rakes and rock pickers also for the customers that prefer this method of stone removal. We run excavators and bulldozers also for the more conventional clearing of farmland. No matter what you have we can deal with it.

M&M Family Acres became incorporated in 2008, however our roots go deep in the agriculture community. With its owners Mike and Miranda Schill and their children Dustin and Britney, we have been farming our entire lives between cashcrop and livestock. We truly value what we do and the land that we work.

M&M Family Acres Inc is a family farming business, however this does not mean we are not capable of any project that comes our way. Many of our projects now include residential, commercial and industrial services. Our list includes many projects from new schoolyard facilities, natural resource and wildlife projects, hydro and powerline maintenance along with many small and large residential jobs. We still also specialize in what we started with in the agricultural community. We work all over Ontario, no job is too big or too small. Our fleet of equipment is all late model or brand new, we take great pride in our fleet and it is very well maintained and serviced regularly, our equipment is typically updated every 2-3 years to have the very best for the job and the environment.

We have full safety and training programs in affect year round, our operators are experienced and they are long term employees that we greatly respect.

We have all the general commercial insurance required to work on most job sites along with WSIB for our operators.

M&M Family Acres had also started on a very small scale with just a small used machine and a rental tractor with Mike running it through the nights or early mornings between all of the regular farming practices which he was doing for the family farming business. As the years progressed so did the equipment line in which we are operating now. We are very proud of our large fleet of new and nearly new equipment that we now run with our long standing and dedicated employees that are ready to go 7 days a week when necessary. We will work anywhere in Ontario and no job is too big or too small.

In January of 2018 Mike travelled to Finland to investigate an up and coming equipment manufacturer to North America. Mike was very impressed with the company and its line of equipment. In doing this Mike became the importer\distributor for the ELHO line of farm equipment for most of Canada and some US states. The ELHO line is also a family run business that is growing yearly and dates back to 1968, and is very successful in all of Europe and surrounding countries. The company builds many pieces of equipment however at this point in time we will concentrate on the SCORPIO 550 stone picker which is one of a very select group of machines available in the world for picking stones. In our mind it is "top of the line" in its field. We have run many different types of machines that mechanically pick stones and nothing compares to the SCORPIO.

Thanks for visiting. Mike and Miranda Schill