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Snow Removal

The harsh winter of 2014 in southwestern Ontario had made the decision for us to make the move to start commercial snowblowing. The many daily road closures and winter storms prompted us to look at the largest snowblower that Normand Industries built and we proceeded with it. This blower was a good fit for our operation as we already had all the proper equipment to run it efficiently. We power this blower on the rear of a Fendt tractor that is equipped with a reverse station cab. This option allows us to put 100% full power into the blower with no concern of overloading the tractor drivetrain. The reverse station configuration also allows the tractor to slightly "crabwalk" while cutting banks, this is useful as it allows the tractor to follow a slightly different path than the blower creates. The different path allows the tractor to remain more on stable ground while allowing the blower to angle further into the bank for a wider cut over front mount commercial blowers. The blower is capable of loading trucks or side shooting the snow which is very efficient to throw the snow up to 100 meters away, the side shooter also proves very well on windy days to keep the snow low as not to interfere with traffic.

Our snow blowing is setup for full commercial use. We work on any roads and highways where required. We have our full commercial liability insurance in place for doing these jobs totaling 5 million in liability.