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Mulching & Subsoiling

2009 was another stepping stone when we introduced a relatively new concept to North America, and once again we were one of the first to take on mulching and subsoiling in our area of Ontario. Mulching once again began on our own farm properties while we were trying to clear one of our own farms conventionally using an excavator and burning the piles. We were having a difficult time trying to make the wet wood burn and the brush type trees were almost impossible to grab with the excavator. After some research and starting with a small used mulcher we soon realized that mulching had many advantages over anything we had previously tried.

Four years after our first experimental trial run of mulching we had grown to a total of 5 larger machines that were all purchased new. These machines range in size from medium to large. We are capable of doing small residential jobs as well as any large acreage. These machines are updated on average of every 2-3 years. The mulchers and subsoilers are a combination of self-propelled units on steel tracks with very low ground pressure for almost any environment; these machines are built solely for the purpose of mulching wood. The subsoiling units mount to farm tractors that are dedicated to this job, we run forestry tires along with skid plating and guarding for the tractors and operators.

Benefits of Mulching:

  • Quick 1 or 2 pass land clearing, soil prepped instantly for farming or residential uses or stripping of soil for construction.
  • No piles to burn or dispose of avoiding costly disposal fees, environmentally friendlier.
  • Can be used to mix or incorporate soils.
  • Avoids messy worksites, area is uniform and level when complete.
  • Helpful to residents as the project is done quick and timely so that it causes minimal disturbance in┬álocal communities